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During this COVID-19 pandemic, business are facing unprecedented challenges, uncertainty and financial impacts that haven't been experienced since the great depression. The reality is, that some businesses will struggle to operate and close down temporarily or permanently, others will continue to operate albeit at a reduced capacity, whilst some more fortunate will be able to pivot, transform and even thrive.

Rather than go into survival mode after losing business ourselves, because we share common values of contribution and abundance, using the platform of support.cirt.net.au, a group of local business owners have chosen to band together, with our Purpose being; To provide unswerving support to fellow business owners and their teams during these challenging times, and perhaps beyond.

We will do this by offering a broad range of People and Business focused information, tools, training and support delivered via CIRT, a platform that was developed over three years ago by CHD Partners originally to help SME’s achieve and maintain compliance in the workplace and now being pivoted for a broader use.

According to the Small Business and Family Enterprise Ombudsman data from July 2019,  SME's (businesses with a turnover of <$10M ) make up 98.45% of Australian businesses. They are so important to the economy and generally have the same legislative requirements of larger business but often don't have the resources or funds to develop and implement safe and supportive systems of work for their workers that larger businesses do.

Using support.cirt.net.au, SME owners and their staff will be able to gain access to a rich set of resources at NO COST during the period of the COVID-19 pandemic.

We ask that if you are a business that does have some financial capacity to contribute, feel free to access the site and if you like what you see and want to know more, please give us a call on 02 4964 4055 or contact us to discuss the wider functionality of CIRT and how we may be able to help your business in other ways.

Thank you for your support, and if you have any requests for more or different information, be sure to contact us as detailed above. Support.cirt.net.au hope you stay well, survive and even thrive by using our collective resources.

If you require additional information and support please contact us or call us on

02 4964 4055


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